Duration: 6 Semesters
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Prerequisite: Master Degree or Equivalent

The PhD Programme offers alumni of the Master Programme (or any comparable programme) the possibility to expand the knowledge in one of the research areas at the Department of Computer Science.
Aim is the development of autonomous researchers and scientists, able to reflect in a critical and holistic manner. The PhD is prerequisite for an academic career. The qualifications earned during the Doctoral Programme are also highly valued in many other positions.

Main focus of the Doctoral Programme is the Dissertation. The viva voce concludes this education. The Department already has more than ten successful alumni of the Doctoral Programme and more than 30 PhD students from all parts of the world are currently studying at the Department. They are all involved in teaching and research projects of the different research groups at the Department.

The Doctoral Programme enables you to autonomously carry out research in a specific area of Computer Science. You will contribute to research, carry out research undertakings independently and work in interdisciplinary teams. You will be prepared to take a leading role in industry and business or public service as well as for teaching- and research activities at universities or other research institutions.

Besides the acquired core competencies emphasis is also put on the acquisition of knowledge, specific skills and generic competencies. This includes:

  • Successful Scientific Project Management
  • Project- and Time Management
  • Scientific Documentation
  • Ethics and Science
  • Performance Portfolio (E-Portfolio)
  • Scientific Writing

Extent and Content of the Programme

The original scientific work and the accompanying curricular part of the program should be completed within 3 years (180 ECTS credit points). If you consider a postdoctoral lecture qualification (Habilitation) as a further step in your academic career it is highly recommendable for you to complete the Doctoral Program within 3 years.

Young Scientist

By linking our students with the research community already at an early stage, the status as Early Stage Researchers is promoted. For this reason, the Doctoral Program is mainly addressed at students interested in pursuing an academic career or a leadership position in politics, business or culture.

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