Here you can find useful links to the various information portals of the University of Innsbruck regarding the commencement of your study!

Preparatory Course ….building Bridges from School to University

Are you fit for studying Computer Science? …join us for a week of Computer Science before the first semester starts. We offer for all interested students:

  • Background knowledge regarding computers and Computer Science, which will facilitate your entry into the study program
  • refreshing knowledge regarding mathematical basics which are important for the study program
  • First-hand insider tips for your study program
  • The opportunity for getting to learn your future fellow students and build study groups

Here you get to the Brückenkurs Informatik!

Tuition & Support

What about it? … more

A comprehensive database on scholarships and funding of your research in Austria and worldwide can be found at: www.grants.at.

Registration and Admission to Study

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Since the academic year 2014/2015 there is an admission procedure for the Bachelor Programme and the Bachelor Programme Teacher Training Informatics. Detailed Information about the admission procedure are available on following websites:

Informationen about the University entrance qualification examination is available here.

E-mail-address for questions concerning Computer Science study:

Universität Innsbruck