Robotics and Augmented Reality for Patient and Process Specific Imaging and Visualization



In this talk, I will first discuss the needs for developing novel intra-operative personalized imaging solutions. I will present my views on the future of intra-operative imaging and in particular on the important role robotics, control, imaging and visualization need to play. I will then focus on some of our latest results in patient and process specific multi-modal imaging and visualization. I will introduce the novel concept of “desired view” control for intra-operative X-ray, SPECT and Ultrasound imaging. I will introduce: 1) the first intra-operative SPECT/CT imaging solution, its design, development as well as experimental validation, 2) An MR-based desired view control for Robotic Ultrasound imaging, augmented by advance confidence-based servoing control guaranteeing a successful high quality image acquisition, and 3) the deployment of desired view control concept for clinical applications in X-ray angiography. Finally, I will show some of our latest results in Machine Learning and relevance-based Augmented Reality visualization.

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Universität Innsbruck